We create audio-visual
content that works.

We have experience creating internet spots and TV advertising.
We produce our own internet show and are happy to share our knowledge.


We will create video for your company

We develop an idea concept, write a script. Our experienced production manager selects the right filmmakers from our team and they film your video. With the rising popularity of video, it makes sense to think about this content strategically and make it part of your communication. We like long term projects where we closely cooperate with clients. We create content strategies that follow latest trends.

We make also animated videos.

video animation
creative concepts
project management

We are ready to help you

How do we help companies
with internal communication?


internal communication

Internal communication
is a key tool
for company management.

Neocont presents a platform that will help
improve communication channels on
all levels of your company through the creation
of unique audiovisual content.

Discover new ways
to keep your employees
in the loop.

We will guide you through modern
production techniques of audiovisual
and interactive content to formulate
a bespoke concept of internal communication.


We can help create a concept and content that will power up the full potential of your internal communication tools.


Your ideas and vision will become reality thanks to our robust audiovisual team.


We can pass on our experience and train your internal production teams to effectively work with all outputs.

Have you lost your line of communication?
We are here to help.

Meet with Jiří

He will discuss with you, how video can take your communication to the next level.

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Jiří Andera

Jiří Andera
creative director
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